Chiari Malformation Ultrasound Pictures

Chiari Malformation can be diagnosed during pregnancy 

Dr. Stephen Pinheiro, an expert in the field of ultrasound in pregnancy quotes “At the 20 week anatomy scan, we routinely look for ventriculomegaly (swelling of brain), look at the cisterna magna for posteria fossa cyst and spina bidifa. Depending on the findings, we can make a diagnosis of Arnold – Chiari malformation type II.” 2010 

Chiari malformation slides in utero 

Neural Tube Defect Research
Chandra Shekhar Myanil, M.D., Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Shunsuke Ichi, M.D., University of Tokyo 

Also from Dr. Myanil, this quote: 

“Lack of proper neural tube closure as in Spina bifida is the root cause of all the developmental abnormalities such as Hydrocephalus and Chiari II malformation.   With open neural tube the cerebrospinal fluid leaks, resulting in the brain to descend into first cervical spine.    Thus essentially all Spina Bifida patients have the intermediate form (Chiari Type II or Arnold-Chiari malformation).  Many changes of the brain are associated with this abnormality such as Hydrocephalus.   Thus proper closure of the neural tube during development is absolutely necessary if we want to eliminate Chiari malformation and Hydrocephalus from human population. Our goal is to find cure for Spina Bifida so that it can be fixed in the uterus itself once it is diagnosed, only then can we can say that we have cured Chiari and other related abnormalities such as Hydrocephalus.  We know more than what we knew yesterday, which is a very promising step in the right direction towards in utero treatment of Spina Bifida and Chiari and Hydrocephalus.”