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We believe in the power of story. We believe stories have the power to change lives, to empower others, and to help people realize they’re not alone. Here at, we believe in sharing our story, and helping you reach out to others so you can share yours. It’s how we connect, how we build communities. On this page, we invite you to share your child’s Chiari story, and help others understand that they’re not alone. [gravityform id=1 name=Tellus your story]

Privacy policy: We do not sell our give away your information (including your story) to anyone, or use it anywhere else besides this website. We ask that only first names are used to protect the privacy of the individuals. Keep in mind that once information appears on the website, we have no control over others’ access to that information, or what they do with it. Once approved, stories will be posted below. Please, no spam or advertising.

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